My .bib file

This is the .bib file that I am currently using for my literature: bib


An example of which factorisation commands to use when in Matlab: Tim Davis on File Exchange
On February 11, 2015, I received the first offer to get my PhD thesis published commercially. Read more

Other stuff

An illustration of necessary/sufficient conditions and if/only if statements: pdf
Derivation of marginal costs of labour and capital for the standard Cobb-Douglas production function: pdf
Derivation of optimal consumption choices and price index when consumption is a CES-bundle: pdf

The EUI colour scheme is: [191 208 234] (light blue), [56 139 199] (medium blue) and [0 84 130] (dark blue). Use this e.g. in Matlab by setting
EUIblues = [191 208 234; 56 139 199; 0 84 130]/255;